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One of the great things about being a creative guy in the ad business is being able to learn about and work on business categories you never even thought about or knew existed.  Innovative Interfaces was one of those clients.  They developed software platforms to support library science.  While on the surface it might seem like a dry subject to have to communicate, the reality was that the consumer component to the business turned it into a very interesting assignment.


A series of posters that were posted in libraries and were done to create awareness of the new library search capability and promote trial.

ENCORE Amelia.png
ENCORE Bermuda.png
ENCORE Bones.png
ENCORE Mountain Lion.png
ENCORE Big Foot.png
ENCORE Mountain Lion.png
ENCORE.Holy Grail.png


A brochure that was done to promote the new innovative approach to library search technology.

Encore Brochure.Cover.png
Encore Brochure.Spread 3.png
Encore Brochure.Spread 2.png
Encore Brochure.Spread 1.png
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