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Once upon a time, I got a call from the infamous Lee Clow, Worldwide Creative Director for Chiat/Day. When it happened I thought it was a prank. But, as it turned out it wasn’t, and I got to spend almost four years working at Chiat/Day Los Angeles. I was lucky enough to be there and be part of the team that worked on the ‘Built For The Human Race’ campaign. This is some of that work.


Under the umbrella of the Nissan’s national ad campaign theme, we created a series of TV spots that was called the ‘Dream Campaign’. Each spot took one car in the Nissan line-up and created a first-person fantasy of how that car would be your dream car. The three sports below are for the Sentra, Maxima and the Nissan Z.

Nissan Sentra

Nissan Sentra

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